What Casinos Would Rather You Did Not Know

Here are a hidden secrets to keep as your ace in the hole the next time you’re feeling the need to try your luck inside a or online casino.

  • There’s a difference between true odds of you winning and the odds that the casino really uses to pay you if you win. That difference is always in the casino’s favour.
  • The casino will always win in the long run, Las Vega, aka ‘Sin City’ is paved with the losses of gamblers who don’t know that.
  • Some of the games have a much smaller house advantage than others, so your chances of walking away a winner after playing them are higher. This assumes, however, that you play the best strategy possible.
  • If gamblers only played blackjack, mini-baccarat, pai-gow poker, live poker, the sports book, and bingo, they’d lose substantially far less money. Those are games with a house edge of less than 3 percent.
  • The casino loves to see you playing games like Caribbean Stud Poker, Let It Ride, Red Dog, single-deck 21, and those undignified spectacles like the Big Wheel or Wheel of Fortune.
  • Playing keno is the equivalent of making a charity donation to the casino ownership. Yes, the young keno ladies are friendly and they need the tips.You’re better off playing the state or provincial lottery — it’s essentially the same game, but at least you’re donating your money to the public good instead of business magnates.

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