How Do You Play Free Slots Online in Canada?

The process of playing online slots is easy enough to understand: you click a button, reels spin and you have a chance to win, but not always.

In Online Slots there are many possible winning lines. Usually, there are 9 to 30 different winning lines for each Slot game, and these winning lines are known as Pay Lines.

You then start each new game by deciding the amount of money you want to play with. Next, decide how many Pay Lines you want to bet. Once you’ve decided on these two aspects, you are ready to play. The only other decision you’ll need to make is a very simple one: to click on the Play button yourself at every possible opportunity, or select the AutoPlay feature.

When you hit the Play button, things will start happening. Music kicks in, Reels spin, Pay Lines present themselves as you win, Wilds animate in front of your eyes and Scatters award you with different bonuses. They sparkle, they are accompanied by sound effects and they are usually animated. You can change your bet parameters between spins. Raise or lower your Bet amount, increase or decrease the number of Pay Lines.

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