How to Play Online Roulette

Your bets are recorded on a touch screen. Once the bets of all players have been recorded, the ball is automatically thrown in the online roulette wheel and the image is sent live in real time to the players’ screens.
Bets and payout rates are the same as those in of traditional croupier-operated roulette tables. Make sure that all the money that you insert is credited and accepted by the machine.

Betting is made up of inside bets which allow the player to bet on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 numbers with one single wager. Betting also consists of outside bets allow the player to bet on 12 or 18 numbers with a one wager.

The terminal will continue to accept any bets until “No more bets” is displayed to you on the screen.

Then kick back and view the action on screen as the ball comes to a stop on the winning roulette number. After each game, the winning number lights up and all winning wagers are displayed to the player. The total amount won during the game will then be shown in the win box. Touch the “i” button to display the most recent winning numbers. Press the cash button to receive a credit slip. Make sure that the number of credits on the slip matches the number of credits displayed.

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