Winning at Poker takes skill…

“What some people don’t realise is that playing Poker takes skill”

A lot of individuals lose a lot of money because they think Poker is an enjoyable and easy game.

Enjoyable? Yes!

Easy? No!

Mr Deon Nasford was a high school English teacher when he discovered Poker. A few of his friends decided to get together and play– some knew how to play and some didn’t… Deon was one of them. Once Deon was taught the game of Poker, he became infatuated, and now is so good that he teaches men and woman how to play Poker. Some of his students play for fun, some play for money, and others have even turned out to be professional Poker players.

“Poker is an awesome game. It’s smart, it’s entertaining, it’s a social game, it’s just all-in-all great!” Says Deon. “I’ve been teaching the game to students for nearly 10 years now, and not only do I love Poker, but I love that I still get to teach; which remains my first passion” adds Deon.

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